Monday, January 24, 2011


Posted by Patrick Takahashi:

You might have been wondering why that blue ocean dragon is pictured to the right.  As chief visionary, born in the year of the Dragon (2012 could, indeed, be an interesting year),  I have long searched for a dragon carved from blue jade.  I thought I saw one in Shanghai several years ago, but let pass that opportunity.

Thus, when Leighton Chong and I were in Shanghai to participate in the 2010 Expo and visit with Zhejiang Ocean University, we conducted an intensive search for this potential marine mascot.  Alas, we were several times informed that there was no such thing as blue jade.  The common belief was that any blue jade was dyed.  I thus settled for a blue crystal dragon.

However, I subsequently made a further check, and found various sources for BLUE Jade.  As for example:

According to this article, blue jade can be found in the United States, and the following came from the West Coast:

more specifically at Big Sur (California, just south of Carmel):

This is not exactly the blue I desire, but someday, maybe one of genuine true blue jade will be discovered and we will have two blue ocean dragons.


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