Thursday, December 16, 2021


On Dec 11 we had a successful TEDx Countdown webcast of talks by 8 leading experts on the potential of open ocean aquaculture for expanding world food supply while reducing Global Warming emissions. The recorded Talks have been uploaded to TEDx for review and may be selected in a month or so for TED's Library of Talks. In the meantime, here are the individual talks:

Pat Takahashi:

Neil Sims:

Luis A. Vega:

William A. Spencer:

Mathew Goldsborough:

Shaun Moss:

Dawn Lippert:

Tetsuzan Benny Ron:

Additionally click on the Blue Revolution Hawaii website to:

  • Visit the  Nature Conservancy advocacy of the Blue Revolution for Sustainable Aquaculture Production.
  • Watch the BRH video for the Pacific International Ocean Station.
  • Details about the eight speakers, including chairman:
Leighton Chong, intellectual property attorney, Chairman of TEDx Event

Pat Takahashi,  PhD, Professor of Engineering and Director of Renewable Energy at University of Hawaii

“The Time for the Blue Revolution Is Now”

Neil Sims, MSc (Zool, UNSW), Founder/CEO, Ocean Era Inc, Kona, Hawai’i

“To the Blue Horizon – Our Oceans as a Salve for Our Ailing Earth”

Luis A. Vega, PhD, Renewable Energy Consultant, formerly at UH/HNEI

“OTEC Carbon-Free & Renewable Power for Ocean Farming & Beyond”

William A. Spencer, Founder Hawaii Oceanic Technology, Inc., Mariculture Evolution Group

“Automated Open Ocean Fish Farming Platform”

Mathew Goldsborough, Chief Technology Officer, Forever Oceans

"Oceans of Data: Technology, Transparency & Future of Open-Ocean Fish Farms"

Shaun Moss, PhD, Executive Director, Oceanic Institute, HPU

"Improving Production Efficiencies in Aquaculture Through Selective Breeding"

Dawn Lippert, Exec Director Elemental Excelerator, Chair Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative AB

“Building Community Intelligence” (first presented at TEDx 2021 Countdown Summit, Edinburgh)

Tetsuzan Benny Ron, Ph.D., Aquaculture Specialist, Blue Revolution Hawaii, AquacultureHub

“Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA) for Ocean Farming Systems”

Special thanks also to Amnon Ron, chief operating officer of CME Congresses in Israel, for providing superior technical assistance.

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