Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You will note that the symbol of Blue Revolution Hawaii is the Blue Ocean Dragon positioned to the right.  This is the Year of the Dragon, but, more specifically, the Water Dragon.  The next time this happens will be in the year 2072.  

By Chinese astrology, 2012 brings a much needed year of Good Luck.  What happened in 1952, the previous year of the Water Dragon?  Elizabeth II became Queen of England, while London suffered through a killer smog (and coined the smoke/fog term),  the first Hydrogen Bomb was exploded and Vladimir Putin was born.  Hmm, nothing particularly propitious nor related to the ocean.

But like God, the Afterlife and attendant miracles, it is not the reality of the abstraction that matters, it is that special agglomeration of people and beliefs, drawn together with common purpose to attain a higher plateau of achievement for the benefit of Planet Earth and Humanity.  Inspired by the timely appearance of the Blue Ocean Dragon, the Pacific International Ocean Station is that crucial next stage towards the ultimate Blue Revolution.  We welcome you to join us in this monumental effort to develop the riches of the seas in harmony with the marine environment.


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